"D" Series and "V" Series Converters

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D2V- Converts the Losmandy "D" Series dovetail saddle to accept the Vixen "V" Series dovetail bars. Simply slide the "D" Series dovetail base into the mount and lock it in place using the mounts locking knobs.  The ADM Saddle features a dual action spring loaded split clamp that provides a full 7" of contact between the saddle and the dovetail. Two large hand knobs are standard. The knobs feature an extra long shoulder to allow the adapter to work with all types of saddles including the extra wide Celestron CGEM saddle. All parts are black anodized and stainless steel for ultra good looks and

V2D- Converts the popular Vixen "V" series dovetail saddle to accept the Losmandy "D" Series dovetail bars. Simply attach the saddle adapter to your mount using the mount locking screw. The saddle is 7" long and has two large hand knobs. The split clamps design grips the dovetail bar entire along the entire length of the saddle.  The saddle is spring loaded making installation and removal of the telescope easier.  Everything is black anodized and stainless steel for ultra good looks and maximum durability.  Works with all mounts that utilize the Vixen style dovetail.


Optional Accessories

DUP Universal Dovetail Bar.  Available in 7", 11" or 15" .
$60 - $70


D-OTA Losmandy "D" Series dovetail bars for OTA's including RCX.
$79 - $139


VSBS Vixen Style Side-By-Side Mounting System..


LSBS Losmandy "D" Series Side-By-Side Mounting System.