Vixen Dovetail Plate Adapter

Part Number: VDPA
Price: $25/35 (each)
Series: V Series
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This Vixen Dovetail Plate Adapter (VDPA) allows you to attach accessories to a Vixen (V series) dovetail bar. The Vixen dovetail is approximately 1.75" wide with a 12 degree angle. The VDPA features a large clamping surface as opposed to single screw pressing on the dovetail. A countersink for a 1/4x20 socket head screw is drilled at the center. Spring loaded and guide pins for a smooth, easy opening solid locking system. Black Anodized and Stainless Steel for maximum durability and ultra good looks.


Optional Accessories

VR Vixen Style dovetail Ring Set.  Any size ring.
$99 - $109


VCM Vixen Style Dovetail Camera Mount.  .


VSAD Vixen Style Saddle.  Spring loaded split clamp design. .



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